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CaRVTA LOVES our volunteers!

Volunteers are integral to the California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association's success. We rely on our members (like you!) to help us accomplish our strategic goals and continue the work of advancing veterinary technology!

Your gift of time, talent, and expertise is what makes CaRVTA a thriving organization and a leader in the veterinary technician world!

Being part of CaRVTA's Volunteer Pool means that you are interested in learning about future volunteer opportunities such as Conference Moderators, Fund Raising Event Assistance, Serving on a committee, and others. When you've opted into the pool, you will receive email alerts when occasions arise.   

To Add yourself to the Volunteer Pool, on your membership page - click EDIT under GROUPS and check the box.


Need to take a break? You can remove yourself from the GROUP at any time.

Your Volunteer Profile
Completing your volunteer profile helps us identify the kind of volunteer opportunities that interest you.
Complete your Volunteer Interests area on your membership page so we can match you with future volunteer opportunities based on your interests. 

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